Alana Hyman

Alana Hyman

Founding Partner

Founding partner Alana Hyman brings vast, meaningful connections and business insight to HireCapital’s clients. A top provider of industry leadership, her recruiting and staffing experience spans from information technology to program sales, excelling at every step.

After starting her career as a technical recruiter and then senior director of information technology, Hyman moved outside the world of recruiting and staffing, becoming the program sales manager for the D.C. Bar. This experience offered her the opportunity to grow as an individual and as a professional, furthering her education in the areas of data analytics, business development, digital marketing, and project organization.

Hyman has a passion for building meaningful and lasting relationships, doing everything she can to help people grow and to empower others to live their best quality lives. With a keen attention to detail and a passion for understanding how businesses work, Hyman uses her knowledge and experience to bring a unique perspective to HireCapital, allowing her to better serve clients with expert ability.

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