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Combining tradition and innovation to meet modern talent needs

By: Paul Villella

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, veteran staffing executive Paul Villella saw an inflection point within the labor market that dictated a new approach to recruiting. Along with partners Alana Hyman and Jasmin Moser and recruiting practice lead PJ Godios, Villella founded HireCapital, a firm designed to satisfy the human capital needs of organizations navigating the dynamics of a changing hiring economy combined with accelerated digital transformation.  

“The labor market moves fast and so do we. To us, combining high touch and high tech means creating deep relationships with our clients and candidates—working to understand their businesses or their career goals—then nurturing that relationship by leveraging technology to remain accessible and informed,” says Villella. 

HireCapital’s integrated, full-service approach comes at a time when many organizations are seeking creative solutions for their labor needs. Villella and his team are taking this opportunity to pivot the firm’s traditional roots and boutique offerings to bring innovation to the staffing industry. For the past year, HireCapital has been quietly generating interest and building business with dozens of companies. This, combined with its existing database of more than 20,000 candidates and decades of relationships with clients is likely to make the new firm a strong competitor immediately. 

The firm’s RaaS (recruiting as a service) subscription model is specifically designed to serve companies experiencing bursts of activity requiring dedicated recruiting support. With its startup in-kind model for emerging growth companies, HireCapital provides advisory services, capital raising support and hiring solutions at a discounted rate in exchange for in-kind equity. These unconventional options are offered in addition to traditional engaged and contingency direct-hire recruiting, contract staffing, contract-to-hire and project-based consulting.

“Organizations have seen substantial changes in a very short time in attracting, retaining and developing talent. HireCapital can deliver entire teams and meet all talent needs. The move to remote and hybrid work across the country—and the world—is something our team is already responding to and positioned to capitalize on. In this new environment, with modern methods and capabilities, we are able to service a broad base,” says Villella. 

No stranger to changing markets and growth opportunities, Villella began his professional career in technology and management consulting, leading development teams on Wall Street in the mutual fund industry. After notable success as a recruiter with a national staffing firm, Villella founded HireStrategy, which was named the No. 1 staffing firm in the mid-Atlantic region for size and reputation for ten consecutive years before being acquired in 2016. 

Villella’s partners in this new venture are elite professionals in the industry and experts in their fields, representing the leading sales, HR and tech resources from HireStrategy, connected through their shared history with a fresh renewed vision for the future. Founding partner Alana Hyman brings a wealth of connections and business insight to HireCapital’s clients through her passion for building meaningful relationships. HireCapital will tap into founding partner Jasmin Moser’s extensive network and expertise across finance, accounting, human resources and people operations to help clients build their teams and develop their businesses. PJ Godios’ sustainable values and background in recruiting top talent for technical positions across industries make him a valuable asset as organizations embrace digital transformation. 

This leadership team, combined with recruiting centers in Washington, D.C., and Charlottesville, Virginia, offers a critical advantage in delivering superior talent to businesses by developing a delivery network of qualified candidates throughout the country. 

If your organization is in need of an innovative recruiting team or talent acquisition consulting, please reach out to HireCapital today. We are here to help employers build collaborative team environments for long-term success. 

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